I've turned it on and off multiple times to try and get it to get into safe mode but it's still just showing me black screen with a visbile and controllable cursor. Black screen issues are extremely tough to repair and any fix is usually on a hit or miss basis. If the above method did not help to fix the issue, I would suggest you to go to the computer manufacturer website and download the latest display adapter driver. A Redditor kek4dayz has posted about a Windows 10 black screen that appears after he logs-in to his account. It takes around 10 minutes for the desktop to show up. Sometimes Windows becomes seemingly confused between when to enable or disable Tablet Mode. You can try a The first is a black screen, plain and simple. Often using a restore point nor startup repair will have any effect. Users often complain that after logging into their Windows 10 PC, they get a black screen on the display instead of the usual screen. Needless to say, getting the black screen after login can be a complicated situation to be in. Windows 10 cognoscenti recognize two different types of black screen in the Windows 10 world. 1. A possible cause of a black screen issue is that the setup process during a Windows 10 installation is not yet complete. I'll explain this in more detail below. If you have large data files from an earlier Windows installation, don’t be surprised if the setup takes up hours of your time. In Windows 10, Microsoft developed Tablet Mode, which is not enforced on all users, as it was in Windows 8. That there is no information on a black screen like there is on a blue screen just adds to the difficulty. Let's proceed and learn how to fix this Windows black screen after login issue in different ways. OBS is a desktop app and desktop apps can be forced to run in compatibility mode for when they aren’t playing nice with Windows 10. In Windows 8, the Start screen and apps from the Microsoft Store might run in full-screen mode, even if you do not use a tablet or a device with 'touch'. If you didn’t know this, you must have went ahead and assumed Windows is already installed. i've tried hitting the windows key too. This latest version of the app works fine with Windows 10 and doesn’t need to be run in compatibility mode even if older versions did. To fix the Windows 10 black screen before login, you will need to: Enable Safe Mode (via Recovery Environment) Uninstall and Reinstall Your Graphics Driver, and optionally, Disable Fast Boot; The last option (disable fast boot) is what fixed Hillary's problem. If the display driver is not available for Windows 10, try installing the available driver in compatibility mode and check.