This track was released in 1984. The rest of the section is hummed, giving the overall sound a better blend. This is without a doubt the highest point in the song. Not long after its release, the music video made its rounds on social media, complete with stunning cinematography and impeccable styling. What makes Pentatonix’s ‘Hallelujah’ great? Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for hallelujah by Pentatonix arranged by GeorgeWu for Drum Group, Soprano, Tenor, Alto & more instruments (Mixed Ensemble) I hope it comes off as more than a mere description. There is a slightly different tone to his voice that I recognize. I was minutely concerned when I saw the song on the track list. Here’s a personal analysis with my humble knowledge. The biggest track on it is probably a cover of Leonard Cohen's most famous Hallelujah. ... Tempo: variable (around 60 BPM) In the same key as the original: B♭ This song ends without fade out The song begins a cappella Duration: 4:28 - Preview at: 3:31. ( Log Out /  Download it, sing it. Pat A, Thank you for the kind words. Thanks again. On top of the new rhythmic interest in the accompaniment, the change in timbre of the solo voice gives this section a different character. After bagging another award at the 58th Grammys, Pentatonix dropped their third Christmas album titled A Pentatonix Christmas. This would pose a difficulty for arrangers to keep the song interesting as it goes on. Key. All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music. Pentatonix retained the classic word-painting in this song in lines ‘well it goes like this the fourth the fifth’ and ‘the minor fall the major lift’, where ‘fourth’ and ‘fifth’ is sung on chords IV (Eb) and V (F) respectively. It consists of long harmony notes in the background with the occasional harmonisation of the melody tastefully done. It provides a subtle tension-and-release before the conclusive perfect cadence. In this case, the motion of sound is created by the ‘stomps’ and ‘claps’ by Kevin. Another feature would be Mitch Grassi’s 4-3 suspension of Bb to A in the quasi cadential 6/4 (Bb 6/4, but just Bb in this case) to the dominant chord (F) on the final ‘hallelujah’ of the chorus. The String Mob), White Christmas (with Pentatonix & The London Symphony Orchestra). Mitch does it again with a 9-8 suspension followed by a lower auxiliary (F-Eb-D-Eb) in the third phrase, then a final 4-3 as mentioned in Section B. SKU: MN0169974 The accompaniment joins a few bars later but with little movements, reducing distraction from the ethereal quality of Mitch’s voice. . The cover version is terrible, but that isn't important even though it is impossible to not notice. Hello, Much like our eyes, our ears are attracted to motion. Surprise! I can’t imagine a time without their music! The basic form of Hallelujah may be broken down into a simple verse-and-chorus, with text to each verse different from the previous, similar to that of Amazing Grace. ( Log Out /  Release date: 2016 With backing vocals. Genres: Theory and analysis aside, this arrangement and recording is also made great with the high proficiency in singing by the members of Pentatonix. This section ends on the final syllabus ‘jah’ but not on the tonic note. This keeps the song fresh despite the similar melody and format in every section. They have proven once again how versatile the voice can be as compared to conventional instruments. The song and video has been featured on platforms such as,, and Mashable. Give it a 2 stars? The second chorus has Kirstin, Mitch, and Scott singing in triads with each ‘hallelujah’ going higher than the previous. 03:31. This brings back the calm in the beginning. Your No.1 source for MP3 instrumental tracks, This title is a cover of Hallelujah as made famous by Pentatonix, Duration: 04:28 - Preview at: (feat. Original songwriter: Leonard Cohen. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The verse takes a whole new accompaniment in this section. As a classically-trained musician, I’m fascinated by how PTX is able to incorporate classical practice into their modern act. Kirstin Maldonado leads this section. A nifty tonicization into the relative minor occurs on ‘drew the hallelujah’ right before the chorus, which acts as a temporal rest-stop before proceeding. The biggest track on it is probably a cover of Leonard Cohen’s most famous Hallelujah. The instrumental which precedes each verse is taken out from this section. Complete Pentaholic here (5 European concerts in 3 years), but one with no musical training. $1.99. The song grows in intensity as the melody approaches the higher range of Kirstin’s voice, giving it belt-quality. The addition of voices on the syllabi ‘lu’ and ‘jah’ in the chorus not only defines the harmony, but also keeps our ears interested with the constant alternating between one and five voices. What we hear is a deceptive IV (Eb) chord as opposed to the expected I (Bb) or VI (Gm). The first chorus is almost in plain homophony, with Scott belting and exhibiting his soulful voice. Review: Pentatonix enchants at Thai debut, Review: Musings of an Artiste by Kris Foundation featuring Khoo Hui Ling. Key of Bb Major Hallelujah by Pentatonix is in the key of Bb Major. It consists of two choruses as opposed to the verse-chorus format of previous sections. I can tell you with certainty that Scott does take over the bass from Avi after his short riff.