III. For instruction. At all events, whether or not the line can be drawn without a break at all, the breaks might be a great deal shorter and a great deal less frequent than they are. 1599-1645. where the beauty of the Lord may be seen. He likens Canning’s mind to a convex speculum, which scattered its rays of light upon all objects; while he likens Brougham’s to a concave speculum, which concentrated the rays upon one central, burning, focal point. Although originating among the children of Israel, the Psalms also were/are valued by the church and cited in the New Testament: •“Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm…” (1 Cor. Misunderstood doctrines account for much misconception. It is earnest. What a contrast is this to the conduct of those who attend only occasionally when opportunity appears to them to favour it, or when worldly engagements do not interfere. ), But, it will be asked, is He not rather a dreadful God? God is a Spirit. And what follows in the next verse would, on that hypothesis, be entirely inappropriate. Is that man amiable? These led him up to God. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/pmc/psalms-27.html. Who can love a man so hard? Because the goodness of God, which forms His supreme excellence, spreads a glory over all the other perfections of His nature. 2. The beauty of the Lord— i.e. The one thing which gives the Psalmist strength and courage against the whole world, is the favour of God; hence the one thing which he desires and seeks after, is not his bodily presence in the temple, with which in such a connection a man can have nothing to do, but the possession of the favour of God. 2. Enter the Scripture. David beheld the perfections of his God only under types and shadows: but we behold them reflected as in a glass or mirror, with transcendent brightness, and all shining with united splendour in the face of Jesus Christ. The influence of religious institutions upon men, with respect to their religious capacity. Melody is beautiful, but harmonies are yet more so. Why! Human nature is morally diseased. To dwell here is to be in sympathy with all that is here that is spiritual and good. Conclusion--. One of these is--, 1. Wiseman.). Now it is just these needs which the psalmist says the house of God supplies. We converse with men, and then we use familiar language, because they are our fellows. And the love of lovers, because it is the commingling of two hearts. A great deal of the religious teaching of the day is coldly intellectual, and therefore powerless, because it has not been nourished and quickened at the bosom of prayer. A permanent residence in the house of God. The case is like that of a language or style of speaking of this world; we know well a foreigner from a native. But in the place where men come to seek His face, in His temple in which they inquire after Him, He can and does appear as He would be known, in His “beauty,” as the text says. Hence wise legislators have, even on this account, favoured the progress of religion. True it was that in private he could carry his affairs to the Lord, and implore help from him: but, as the public ordinances were of God’s special appointment, and as the high-priest was the established medium of access to him, and of communications from him, he delighted more particularly to wait upon God there; that so, whilst he received blessings in a more abundant measure from God, he might glorify God in the sight of all Israel.]. "Commentary on Psalms 27:4". ), Here is a man whose life has reached its uttermost simplicity, his longings are reduced to one. Throughout the psalm’s eloquent lines, David expresses authentic faith and courageous trust in God, based on his confident expectation that the Lord will rescue and save him in … 1. xi., p. 113, and vol. The text further suggests another alluring and uplifting aspect of God’s house, to which both other Old Testament Scripture and the Lord Jesus Himself give utterance. If I remember well, there was but one fruit of each kind on any but the orange and the lemon, and the orange greatly preponderated in fruitfulness. Psalms 27:4. The “beauty of the Lord” is eternal. II. The knowledge of ourselves and our brethren is very valuable knowledge. 2012. Communion with God is the only essential. (Worthington). Selections for commentaries associated with your search will appear in the right hand column.