I’m really excited about the DualSense Controller. The Xbox Series X’s controller can work on even the original Xbox one, for you sony i hope you’d add that to compete with your competition here, Absolutely 100% amazing and priceless I love the design i believe it is well polished and I cannot wait to try it , When does this MadCatz controller come out? Also the SSD is not 9gb/s. Feel physically responsive feedback to your in-game actions with dual actuators which replace traditional rumble motors. As long as the controller works like its designed, i could care less what it looks like. I just hope it still feels like a Dualshock and not a bulky Xbox controller! Dont make the same mistake many people made with the Xbox1, PS4 and Switch. The accessory industry will do their part n offer many different decals, stickers, etc to change the appearance of the controller, BET! Yes, USB-C is the new international standard. I like the look of it over all but man is there any listening to complaints. Are you their father/mother? Huge win over Xbox’s new controller that uses AA batteries and no tactile/haptic sticks or mic/speaker. The DualSense wireless controller for PS5 offers immersive haptic feedback2, dynamic adaptive triggers2 and a built-in microphone, all integrated into an iconic design. Your controllers charge as quickly as when connected to your PS5 console – so you can free up USB ports without sacrificing performance. So excited and proud of you PlayStation. “DualSense” is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Perhaps the Controller can tell us a little story about the PS5… Maybe the PS5 is also white? I really am digging that color scheme. Internal battery, headphone jack, and VR support/lightbar. , It looks nothing like an Xbox controller. You made the controller lighter? Bruh the controller looks sick!! If you are so paranoid cover mic with a sticker like others do. :-), Yes the console is going to be beautiful white. I don’t care what the controller looks like. Enjoy paying $600 for a Series X then buying AA batteries to shove in the back of your controller. Discard my reply, it was meant for the blog and not you. Does it matter what the controller looks like ? Does it have any back buttons? es tener un poco de retraso…, Yay, thank you for keeping that clunky POS touchpad gimmick. They couldn’t have come up with an all White or all Black design? ;-) just take care of it, launch day pad is still fine. Looks kinda out there but I want to hold one to see for myself. Also not a fan that the hamburger icon has won out over text labels haha. Traditionally our base controllers have a single color. Main problem that might occur is the grip location for the ring and pinky finger. So let us not lose focus on whats important and what the new controller design is all about. It’s great that they’ve implemented haptic feedback, the reason why they had to change the name if you’re changing the rumble. In any case. WARNING: should probably wait for more games that YOU would want to play to come out. Why change such an important part of the console? I prefer you would put the colours on the buttons and make it black just like the old controllers….and the light bar on the front just like the ps4 controller….it will be cool that way. I think it would be nice if y’all included back paddles as a standard part of the new controller design. From pulling back an increasingly tight bowstring to hitting the brakes on a speeding car, feel physically connected to your on-screen actions. Yea looks and sounds incredible. Put the color in the buttons. I’m so hype for ps5, Eu prefiro que no meio dos analógicos tenho aquela divisão, pra mim é mais confortável, espero que eles retirem aquela parte entre os analógicos. I don’t care what you prefer. Porque parece que no sabes de lo que estás hablando…, My excitement is unmeasurable and my day has been made. How’s the battery life? Michael House Xbox doesnt have any exclusives sadly. Any information on whether this will be PC compatible at launch? Website © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment. Not sure where you got better memory than Series X. Wow looks amazing. The PlayStation 5's DualSense is one hell of a controller. Why would they? Sony's current-gen console has been available to consumers since November 12, 2020, and a lot of early impressions rolling in have made note of the impressive tech on display by … Maybe you should make 2 controller designs and have a poll or just have both! $17.99. In the end, we changed the angle of the hand triggers and also made some subtle updates to the grip.