They almost always offer a better experience than other guitars in their same price range. Their top guitars are still American made in their Maryland factory. These components are designed to be similar to the American made counterparts but use cheaper quality material. But the real difference lies in the “S” version pickups. So in summary, yes it does matter where PRS Guitars are made. However, Indonesian guitars have really improved their quality in recent years, while still being cheaper to produce than South Korean guitars due to the lower labor costs. In this article, we’ll explore where each of the different PRS guitar models are made and compare the differences between them to determine if it really matters. As most guitarists know, PRS guitars are made in the U.S. at Paul Reed Smith’s factory in Stevensville, Maryland. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. I’m Dan Hoang. But just because they’re cheap, doesn’t mean they’re bad by any means. Get the best deals on musical instruments and recording equipment at Guitar Center. Your IP: But are PRS Guitars actually good? PRS Core, PRS Private Stock, PRS CE, and PRS S2 guitars are made in Stevensville, Maryland. All Private Stock, Core and S2 guitars are made the United States. These guitars are probably the best value in terms of price vs performance that you can get in a guitar. These are the entry-level PRS guitars. I love recording music and filming guitar covers and I occasionally post them on YouTube. They use high-quality materials, woods, hardware, pickups, and finishes which ultimately make the guitars cost more to produce. As mentioned, these guitars are fully constructed and professionally set up in PRS’s Maryland factory. Their designs are essentially comparable to the original PRS Core guitars but use cheaper woods, hardware, and pickups to cut costs and pass them onto the consumers. Here is a summary of the different PRS Guitar models and where they are made. The budget models are mass-produced in factories overseas in South Korea and Indonesia. While there is definitely a difference between the American made PRS guitars and the overseas models, PRS has a reputation of providing excellent guitars regardless of where they’re made. • You probably won’t notice too much difference in terms of the hardware. Seasonal Acoustic Guitar Care Tips November 13, 2020 Inside Paul Reed Smith’s Home Studio: The Mic Collection November 10, 2020 PRS Product Series: The Breakdown October 2, 2020 PRS Employee Spotlight - Jordan Hoyt // X-Acto Knife Master and Serial Number Writer September 21, 2020 While the PRS CE is still meant to be a lower-cost version compared to the core, the CE models still have the American made pickups. Other than that, these guitars are pretty much identical in terms of quality. To this day, all of the high-end, American made PRS Guitars are still made in Maryland. Paul Reed Smith has several different types of guitar offerings that are manufactured all over the world. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars is making some amazing guitars, all right here in the USA. Since PRS Guitars are proven in the industry, they are able to charge a premium for their products. Typically, PRS SE Custom guitars that were made in South Korea are seen as superior compared to the PRS SE Standard guitars that are made in Indonesia. Are PRS Guitars worth the extra money? These are meant to be clones of the American made PRS pickups, but can’t really compete at all. The quality control and attention to detail on them really make for an excellent experience. They’re suitable for all levels of play from beginner to professional, so there’s really no need to ever upgrade if you get one. PRS Core guitars are made in the United States in their Stevensville, Maryland factory. PRS CE guitars are also made in the United States in Paul Reed Smith’s Maryland factory. So we’ve established that each of the different models of PRS Guitars are made in various countries around the world. In general, bolt-on necks don’t require as much time and labor since there is no need to glue the joint. I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and I’m a total nerd when it comes to gear. If you’re in the market for a Paul Reed Smith guitar, then knowing where it is made is essential because it’ll influence the overall price and quality of the guitar itself. As previously mentioned, these guitars are handcrafted in their Maryland factories, so no expense spared. I have owned over 5 different PRS Guitars and loved every single one of them. And while they aren’t bad by any means, I would definitely consider it a significant compromise. But in the Nineties, the company introduced a more affordable line of Korean-made PRS guitars, dubbed SE, that offer many of the features found on U.S.-built guitars at … Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f8dfd2dbe7b3a5f Like you would expect from a handcrafted American made guitar, the attention to detail and quality control is top-notch. In terms of quality, American made guitars are the best of the best. Aside from their Private Stock guitars, PRS Core guitars are pretty much as good as you can get in terms of quality. The PRS S2 line of guitars is one of the more interesting offerings by Paul Reed Smith. These are best suited for beginner to intermediate level players. If you buy a PRS Guitar, then you can bet on it lasting for years to come. In fact, they are probably one of the best guitar brands out there in terms of quality, sound, versatility, and overall experience. PRS clearly puts a ton of care into every guitar – they sound and feel incredible. The PRS SE Custom is the higher-end version. These are Paul Reed Smith’s budget line of guitars that are mass-produced in factories overseas. Guitar Advise is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Why are PRS Guitars so expensive? They are handcrafting great acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, as well as amplifiers. Advanced players can definitely use them too, but at that point, you’d probably want to upgrade to a PRS SE Custom or higher to get better sounding pickups and build quality. In terms of overall build quality, they are definitely on par with the PRS Core, since they are made in the same factories. The SE line of guitars are made to our exact specifications by our partners overseas. The top of the line PRS guitars are made in the United States, with their core models being the top of the line. The best of the best are the American made models in Maryland. PRS SE Standard guitars are exclusively made in Indonesia. As previously mentioned, the American made Paul Reed Smith guitars include the PRS Core, PRS CE, PRS S2 and PRS Private Stock Guitars. Here is a video of me playing on my PRS Core Custom 24. They’re also keeping in line with the lower end of the pricing spectrum for USA made guitars, weighing in at $1179 MSRP. They are known as one of the premier guitar brands alongside Gibson and Fender. No options for a single cut or semi-hollow body option. This is what separates a PRS S2 from a PRS CE guitar. In summary, PRS Guitars are made all over the world. Their guitars feature one of the most iconic designs, up there with the Les Paul and Stratocaster, featuring bird inlays and a carved top resembling a violin. In terms of quality, American made guitars are the best of the best. None of the parts of these guitars are made overseas, so you’re still getting the best of the best. If you’re in the market for a PRS guitar, you’ll surely be able to find one in your price range that you’ll be happy with. When you buy a PRS, you’re paying for quality whether you get the highest-end PRS Core guitar or the lowest end PRS SE Standard guitar. The lower end guitars are made overseas in either South Korea or Indonesia. In terms of quality and build construction, they are definitely an American made guitars in every sense of the word. The lower end PRS SE guitars are mass-produced overseas in either South Korea or Indonesia. Paul Reed Smith guitars are so expensive because of their reputation that they have built up over the years. Today, PRS has several different models of guitars at various price points with their top of the line guitars being made in America and their budget guitars being produced overseas where the material and labor costs are cheaper. In addition, Paul Reed Smith guitars are known for their quality and consistency across all of their product lines. There will be absolutely no imperfections with the finish, professionally set up, and built to last a lifetime. Their purpose is really to serve as a middle ground between the PRS Core/ PRS CE guitars and the more affordable PRS SE guitars. PRS SE Custom guitars used to be exclusively made in South Korea. There are actually two different lines of PRS SE guitars; The PRS SE Custom and PRS SE Standard. Founded in 1985 by Paul Reed Smith in Stevensville, MD, PRS Guitars has been top guitar, bass, and amplifier manufacturer for over 35 years. 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