There are other ways to sift flour using things you may already own. This is a guide about sifting flour without a sifter. Share. Always sift your matcha before whisking to remove any lumps. Have you tried sift the matcha first? Sifting Flour Without a Sifter. This means if you don’t already have a bamboo matcha whisk, you can enter to win one! Pin. Make sure the color is green and fresh looking. Encha specifically worked with bamboo craftsmen in Anji to make this matcha powder sifter. If it's army green or khaki it's old or poor grade matcha. Here are 3 quick ways to make matcha without a whisk: ... Now you get a chance to win an Encha Ceremonial Matcha Set with Glass Jar and Traditional Whisk Set + Bamboo Sifter ($62.50 USD value). Making a perfect bowl of matcha is an art form. Handmade Matcha Tea Sifter. If you want to make the perfect bowl of matcha, you must sift the matcha first. Keep your matcha tea powder fresh by storing in an airtight container away from light and moisture. Category Cooking Tips. edited 7 years ago. 0. :(level 2. Just follow the entry options in the widget below. Encha Matcha Powder Sifter with a Bamboo Handle. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. Some recipes call for sifting the flour, but you don't own a sifter. It is great for slowing down on the weekend to sift your beautiful Encha powder. The sifted matcha powder will produce an even smoother cup of matcha tea. Use ½ teaspoon (1 gm) matcha to ½ cup (120 ml) of filtered water. White Tea or Die.