Rachael Gallo is the Director of Spa Initiative at, 1/8 cup lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar). You are possibly overcooking it. While shaving can cause ingrown hairs in coarser hair types, sugaring softens the hair follicle, which ultimately reduces hair growth. Sorry about that. Below the recipes, you can find how to apply sugar wax, aftercare tips, and how to wash pots after making sugar wax. This can take several minutes, depending on the intensity of the heat. 7. The sugar wax should be on your skin about 1/4″ thick. Let the mixture boil until it begins to turn golden brown.5. 6. A different way to make sugar wax using the microwave instead of the stove. Roll between your hands and form a ball. # Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that will keep irritation away. Wait for it to cool and is ready to use. I haven’t tried it myself, but I have seen some people transfer the sugar wax (once is ready) into a wax warmer to keep it warm during the application. As soon as the golden brown color (similar to honey) begins to show, remove it from the stove. Spread the wax in the direction the hairs are growing. Make the other two wax recipes in the same way but varying some of the ingredients. Is it overcooked or undercooked? 1/4 cup lemon juice (I used bottled organic– yeah, yeah, fresh is better, but I have a lemon juice problem and they're a dollar a piece here) 3. Keep scrolling to learn an expert-approved sugar wax recipe. If you go to the salon every month, making your own homemade sugar wax is going to save you serious bucks. 10 Closet Organization Hacks To Make The Most Of Y…, Best Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub With Peppermint Es…, 17 Home Speed Cleaning Tips And Shortcuts (Quick H…. Just try again if it doesn’t work. I would recommend to always use an old pot or pan to make the sugar wax. The wax should still be warm but easy to manipulate. 5. If it's thick like honey, heat it a little longer. Your email address will not be published. Set the heat to medium so that your wax doesn’t burn. "After the hair is removed, remove any wax residue with a skin wax remover or warm water and a washcloth," says Barshop. If you are still using a razor to get rid of unwanted hair or going to a beauty salon to get your waxing done, you should read this. In case you burn yourself, pour cold water on the area. If the sugar wax is too runny, you need to simmer it a bit longer until it thickens. If you are still using a razor to get rid of unwanted hair or going to a beauty salon to get your waxing done, you should read this. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Keep water out of the interior, though. Apply the wax by pressing the ball down to flatten onto the area you want waxed. When the sugar wax begins to show a light honey color I take it off the stove. And one last thing, homemade sugar wax can last for a few months if stored covered in a cool place or in the refrigerator. An added benefit of homemade sugar wax is that it lacks any harmful chemicals that some store products contain. (I set mine, in an electric stove, to 4 to begin with and then lower to 2). It is very similar in texture and color to honey. Place the sugar, salt, water, and vinegar in a non-stick pan and turn on the heat. Once the mixture starts bubbling, reduce to medium heat and continue to stir frequently. Heat it in the microwave every time you want to use it (few seconds until it melts). Keep stirring until it starts boiling then stop stirring.4. Thanks for visiting! # Check the wax before you start to make sure it is not too hot. 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And the best benefit of all is the money you are going to save. how to use your sugar. The Best DIY Sugar Wax Recipe Without Lemon. What do you use to pull the hair off if you don’t have strips. # It is important to soothe your skin after a waxing session. If you're sporting sunburned skin or irritated, open sores, avoid sugaring those areas. How I should put it ? 1- Cover the inside of the pot with very hot water and a trickle of washing up liquid. When do I know to take it off medium heat and go to low? But first, let's talk benefits. In a hurry? It can be used in all skin types, even sensitive skin. Use some baby powder on the area you want to wax. # It is important to exfoliate before waxing. Make sure the container you use to transfer the wax is heat resistant. It is a natural way of removing body and facial hair using a paste made of sugar, lemon, and water. Also, if you're sugaring your bikini area or underarms, avoid working out or taking hot baths—these areas can be sensitive to heat. We spoke to two waxing pros, Cindy Barshop, founder of VSpot Medi Spa and Rachael Gallo of Exhale Spa, to get the lowdown on how to make a sugar wax at home. If not, place the sugar wax into a heat resistant container and store it in a cool place. Always rip off the wax parallel to the skin (never in an upward motion). It means that if you buy through my links I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you. Can I put it with paper or just rub it? 2- If there is still stubborn wax, pour some water into the pot and heat it up. Not sure if you meant this, though. You can use your fingers, just make sure to pull back against the direction of hair growth. On the contrary, if it is too hard or sticky, try adding a bit more water while simmering until you get the consistency you want.