And adding it to your daily routine is a lot easier than you think. We love them for the rich, savory kick they add to tomato sauces. It isn’t a lot like your typical oregano plant, but it has beautiful purple flowers that both smell terrific and can survive in harsh conditions. In fact, since oregano can be purchased and consumed fresh or in oil and capsule form, it is easier than ever to use it for a variety of health conditions. Oregano has pink or purple flowers, while common marjoram has white flowers. Oregano is a pungent, aromatic, intense herb. In fact, along with basil, nearly all Italian dishes have Italian oregano in them, giving these dishes a very distinct taste. The most common form of oregano is called the Origanum vulgare, but it comes in several different varieties. Mexican oregano is not a member of the same genus that other oreganos are, but many cooks and gardeners still grow and use them quite often. All Rights Reserved. It does very well in growing zones six through nine, and the plant itself has off-white flower spikes and very delicate, light-green leaves. In fact, many studies have shown that it is effective against 23 different types of bacteria, meaning you can get rid of the bacteria that causes many of the infections people get nowadays. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Just apply it directly to your scalp before you wash your hair, and you can also take it in capsule form if you don’t want to ingest it orally. Greek oregano is called "rigani," pronounced REE-gah-nee. Many people think oregano is an Italian spice, but it hails from many different parts of the world, including Greece and Mexico. If you have swollen lymph nodes, an ear infection, or even a sore throat, just rub the oil onto the affected area a few times a day for up to five days, and you should see some relief in no time. Greek oregano (rigani) is a subspecies with the Latin name Origanum vulgare. ; Linda Gilbert. Greek oregano is called "rigani," pronounced REE-gah-nee. 5 Flowering Oregano Varieties. Familiar to most people because it is frequently used in tomato sauces and on pizzas, these types of oregano grow very well outdoors, especially if you live in zones 5 to 10 and you plant them in a sunny spot with soil that drains well. Oregano is sold fresh and dried as cuttings of flower tops and leaves packaged in disposable containers or as dried, ground leaves packaged in sprinkle-pour bottles. When you’re hurt or injured, inflammation can result, which is both painful and inconvenient. If you live in a warm climate and have an herb garden, its flowers are very ornamental and make the garden look more attractive. Inspect the flowers. Oregano's pungent, spicy flavor makes it a perfect match for tomato based sauces, eggplant, seafood, and grilled meats. This includes help with respiratory ailments such as colds and flu, and it can even help build up your immune system. Because of its strong flavor, it is recommended that you use lower quantities of this herb than you do other types of oregano, although its taste is just as good. We have it; my wife loves it so she uses it quite a bit. A member of the mint family, Cuban oregano has thick, fuzzy leaves and a very strong, but pleasant odor. Oregano is a hearty plant that will grow in a pot in a sunny window, as well as outdoors. The most well-known variety is the Greek oregano, which can also be called a true oregano, even though Italian oregano also goes by this name. Because of the antioxidants and other ingredients in oregano, it can actually reduce the amount of inflammation you’re experiencing, and it can help you with diabetes, heart conditions, and certain autoimmune conditions. In other words, it is very healthy for you! It’s frequently known as oregano in Europe. Oregano's rich flavor deepens and melds flavors of soups and sauces without overwhelming the dish. Greek oregano (rigani) is a subspecies with the Latin name Origanum vulgare. Marjoram will taste slightly minty and have a mild citrus flavor. Because of the way many foods are cooked, even healthy foods can be made more dangerous to your health because the cooking process itself can create toxic compounds that are dangerous for you. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. All you have to do is add three drops of it to a glass of orange juice, or place it under your tongue, and that should be enough to keep you healthy. Identifying oregano correctly will ensure that you have robust soups, sauces and other dishes. Oregano contains antioxidants. Fresh herbs will go bad quickly, so it is useful to know how to store and preserve them for later use. This includes: In addition to spicing up food for more flavor, like many herbs, oregano offers various additional benefits. Oregano essential oil can also help with problems related to your hair. Making vinegar or herb butter is also a way to use up extra herbs at the end of the growing season. It's one of our staple herbs, but if you’re a gardener you’ll probably be familiar with it, too. Taste the leaf. Many people think oregano is an Italian spice, but it hails from many different parts of the world, including Greece and Mexico. Greek oregano has a pungent flavor and is a useful herb for dozens of dishes, and if you’d like to grow it, it does best in zones 5-11.