The House of Sforza (pronounced ) was a ruling family of Renaissance Italy, based in Milan.They acquired the Duchy of Milan following the extinction of the Visconti family in the mid-15th century, Sforza rule ending in Milan with the death of the last member of the family's main branch in 1535. Galeazzo's wife, Bona of Savoy, acted as regent for their son, Gian Galeazzo Sforza, 1469–94, who succeeded to the duchy as a minor on his father's assassination. He fought in the service of several Italian states, then became involved in the struggles for the succession to the kingdom of Naples and died while serving Queen Joanna II in her efforts to retain the throne. A cadet branch of the family, descending from Muzio's second son Alessandro, had also been ruling Pesaro and Gradara. As emperor, he aspired to restore forceful imperial leadership and inaugurate much-needed administrative reforms in the increasingly..... Click the link for more information. The Swiss actually controlled Milan until their defeat at Marignano (1515), which obliged Massimiliano to surrender Milan to Francis I of France; Massimiliano retired to France. Sforza di Pesaro Lords of Pesaro and Gradara Muzio’s son Francesco Sfroza (1401–66) was a condottiere in the service of Milan, Florence, and Venice. He succeeded his father as leader of his band of mercenaries, and by his valor and sagacity he became one of the most powerful condottieri of his time...... Click the link for more information. [1] Galeazzo's brother, Ascanio, had instead pursued an ecclesiastical career and later became cardinal. He annexed the greater part of Lombardy, as well as Bari and Genoa, to the duchy of Milan. Both the Sforza and Visconti families use a Biscione or serpent eating a child on their coat of arms which displays their wicked nature and is a symbol for pedophilia and cannibalism. He served Charles V, Holy Roman emperor and king of Spain, and was chiefly responsible for the brilliant Spanish victory over Francis I of France at Pavia..... Click the link for more information. [2][3] While Galeazzo was succeeded in Milan by his brother Ludovico, he had also sired an illegitimate daughter, Caterina, who would later become Countess of Forlì and Imola, and an important ally to Ezio Auditore da Firenze. 0917 - Museo archeologico di Milano - Brocchetta con stemma sforzesco - Foto giovanni Dall'Orto, 13-Mar-2012.jpg 1,876 × 2,172; 1.71 MB Sforza Family, Italian family, first named Attendoli, that produced two famous soldiers of fortune and founded a dynasty that ruled Milan for almost a century. The House of Sforza has held prominence in the world dating back many years, so it's no wonder that many people have a fascination with its members. Riario Sforza Matrilineal branch. deprived his nephew of the duchy and assumed its control. Yes, there are. Thomas Harris's character Hannibal Lecter is a descendant of the House of Sforza. Mediolanum, city (1991 pop. Francesco took possession of his duchy after the French defeat (1522) by the army of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VCharles V,1500–1558, Holy Roman emperor (1519–58) and, as Charles I, king of Spain (1516–56); son of Philip I and Joanna of Castile, grandson of Ferdinand II of Aragón, Isabella of Castile, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and Mary of Burgundy...... Click the link for more information. The House of Sforza are a powerful Italian criminal bloodline from Milan closely related to the Visconti family. > > Remember that the Borgias were from Valencia (Spain), the name being a toponymic from Borja, Zaragoza. Contents. With her second husband, Giovanni de' Medici, she bore a son who became the famous condottiere Giovanni delle Bande Nere (see Medici, Giovanni de'Medici, Giovanni de',or Giovanni delle Bande Nere[Ital.,=of the black bands], 1498–1526, Italian condottiere; great-grandson of Lorenzo de' Medici (d. 1440, brother of Cosimo de' Medici, 1389–1464)...... Click the link for more information.