Do not buy or schedule services with HomeAdvisor or Handy. Never heard from her. Scheduled for noon on a Friday. Extremely disappointed and HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Now i am cleaning the house myself and Handy's customer service won't even apologize with a phone call. we’d hate to think what might happen if the installation service had not been satisfactory and we had requested a total refund. Imagine that the company you work for charged you a fee—$10, $20, or even $40—every time you showed up late for work, left an hour early, or called in sick. Report answer. Window Treatments. There's one thing in common with all of them: they were nice and willing to do what they could. Fees. They steel your money and do not answer phone calls or emails. And the customer well recommend you for more jobs. The only solution offered was to provide a different cleaner in the future. Such “extras,” for example, cleaning windows or inside of an oven, are supposed to be added and paid for by the customer through the app, but not every cleaner felt comfortable explaining this because they did not want to “be difficult” and run the risk of receiving a poor rating and/or a negative review. Avoid them at all costs. no services provided and 3 charges to my card.anyone not examining their bills would be out bigtime. Just wait til they get a hold of that guy that made this crappy app. The first fee all Handy Pros are required to pay is a “background check fee” deducted from her or his first wages. This is obviously a scam, people are looking to find and hurt the owner of Handy. The cleaner will keep more of the money, and you will avoid the giant rip-off that is Handy. Handy doesn't recognize you as a user, so you can't review it there, either. On Wednesday the "professional" texts to ask to reschedule to 9am. Through this I have encountered at least 5 pros. The role of business in society is changing. Add an answer. In any case the customer cancels, professionals will be paid according to the service agreement. What is the Trust & Support Fee? With respect to the late arrival fee, most cleaners agreed that being late for a job every now and then is virtually unavoidable, given that they typically use public transportation to get to their jobs, and this frequently involves dealing with delays. But I think it’s more than fair. Please don't submit any personal information. We emailed them again; again they apologized. I have emailed them through the app about this. Total and complete fraud. But the two times I asked for cardboard box removal (thank you Amazon), they were perfect. As long as you cancel or reschedule your cleaning more than 24 hours before the cleaner is scheduled to arrive, Handy doesn’t charge you a fee. You’re wise to stay away from this company. Just excellent. Handy charges fees when our records show that you failed to meet the agreements in your Service Professional Agreement. Terrible experience. Cancelled the service after waiting seven hours. There is no other way to contact them if you have a problem. I gave him a one rating and a representative called to find out why. Within two hours of your appointment, you’ll be charged the full amount. If that installation takes a minimum of 3½ hours minimum, it should never have been scheduled at 4pm. To riff off the rock band Manic Street Preachers: if you tolerate this, then your job could be next. In other words, if a Pro is faced with a family emergency (several cleaners told me about accidents and family members suddenly being hospitalized) that occurs between 48 and four hours before a new job, he or she is forced to cancel the job and incur a fee because there is no way to reach out to the customer. The technician and his helper arrived on Monday at 9am; he had to travel 90 miles, so the time delay was understandable. She said that at no point in time did Handy contact her about the situation, and neither did the company deactivate her account, instead allowing the debt to accumulate. (So far, they refuse. The customer service rep was unable to contact the assigned technician, but advised us there is a 2 hour window for the tech to come, so we should give him another hour. Cancellation fee: In the US and Canada, Handy charges a $10 fee when a Pro cancels between 24 and 48 hours before the scheduled job, a $20 fee when the cancellation is … Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by phone at 866-849-7492 or by submitting them directly to their website. The second one sounded like he hadn't done it before as he questioned the dump fee, but after he called the dump and they told him they gladly welcome boxes, he and two others showed up, broke the boxes down, got them out and did a blower afterwards to clean up. I contacted Customer Service sent them the pictures and they’ve gone dark for four days.There is no phone number to contact them and if you keep trying to go through their customer service email On their website they all they do is start a circular process of opening a new complaint. These fees are explained in the Service Professional Agreement, which all of the pros using the Handy platform agree to. The rep (different than the first one we spoke with) apologized and advised there is a 3 hour window of time for the tech to come. Interestingly, some cleaners claimed to barely notice late arrival fees, because they are “only” $15 and are automatically subtracted from their payments. They arrived late, left early, did the bare minimum, and did not properly mop the floor, leaving visible mud and dirt in several places. Some said they’d finished their tasks early, but were hesitant to leave the job because they did not want to incur an early departure fee. These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. The housekeeper took photos of credit cards and social security cards in a side drawer in the bedroom and attempted 10-15 different purchases online. The project was finished about 12:30pm, so it took about 3½ hrs of time. What are fees? We plan to contact Lowe’s and the Better Business Burea to advise them of our dissatisfaction with this company. After he stumbled around getting it out of the wall and making a mess in the floor, he said he could not lift the new one in. What do the different payment statuses mean? So are our motivations as we make decisions about why and where to work. is a website and company that promises they can help their customers book both expert home cleaners and handymen at just a moment's notice, with their convenient and secure booking and payment system. For security purposes, Handy is designed to ensure confidentiality of both the customer and the professional. We asked the lawn guy to help and they put it in. Need more info about a "Customer No-Show" fee; Need more info about a cancellation or rescheduling fee; Credits. Easy payments. What is the Trust & Support Fee? I looked up the CEO and founder. Scheduled for noon on a Friday. The appointment was set for 4pm on a 01/14/2020. Cleaners have no way to reschedule with a customer if, for whatever valid reason, they cannot make it to a job. shocked when i got my chargecard and then called and there is no answer. They are not a scam as I had used them several times with success.They just have a very bad customer service and horrible billing practices. A Handy spokesperson responded to a Quartz request for comment on its fees, but did not provide one. I email customer service and I'm offered a 20.00 credit (10.00 for 2 different cleanings) and a promise they will show on the next date. At these moments it became clear to these Pros that not every customer has a clear understanding of the parameters of a job they requested, partly because they are not required to provide detailed information about their home or the tasks that need to be completed. Be professional complete your job. What a pain. But to communicate you have create an account at Handy and download their app and login. Some therefore acquiesced and performed the extras for no additional compensation, while others did speak up and explained that such extras cost money. does say that they offer a Refund Policy, stating that customers who are not 100% happy with the service they have received can speak to one of their representatives and always have the option to receive a full refund of what they paid for their services.