MCT oil basically is coconut oil from which you would have removed the long-chained “acting” fatty acid lauric acid. ==> Use black coffee if you are still dubious about it. What about Bulletproof coffee? And if you are already deep in ketosis, bulletproof coffee will not kick you out of ketosis. I compile in this blog informations, studies, content, etc. Thanks to that serendipity. A sure way to prevent it is also to have some insulin in the body. And with all the rave about intermittent fasting as one of the healthiest things you can do for your health, you don’t want to miss out. This is good news because autophagy is one of the selling points of intermittent fasting. Side note: coconut oil is great, it is still the biggest natural source of MCT out there. But since fat has calories, it should break your fast right? As you would probably assume, the shorter the chain (6, 8, 10, 12), the faster the fatty acid will be turned into ketones. I personally only mix plain coconut oil with coffee. You can use bulletproof coffee to boost your fitness results if you want to. Actually, mixing coffee with animal fat is far from being a novelty. Listening to podcasts about bulletproof coffee, tea break, calories, fats, ketones and healthy living, it’s amazing how we are are even debating if bulletproof coffee breaks a fast or not. Why is this? Mainly, it will be manufactured from coconut oil. So, when you get coconut oil, you’re mostly getting lauric acid. Meaning your body will have burnt all your energy stores in your liver and muscles. Does Bulletproof Coffee Break Your Fast? Kinda makes sense, right? I’ll appreciate it. But this process won’t completely stop lipolysis and re-esterification won’t happen. Of course as always, if you want to be sure not to break autophagy, don’t drink it. MCTs are : MCTs cross through the double membrane of the mitochondria, which is the cell powerhouse of the body, to give it a lot more energy ready to be used as-is. Let me know what you think about this piece. ==> If you want to use bulletproof coffee, you may want to delay it until the last hour before your workout. Plain black coffee will not stimulate insulin secretion significant enough to blunt the hormonal benefits of intermittent fasting. Disclaimer This is also called bulletproof intermittent fasting. Have I done justice to this all-important topic. Please leave your comments below. The other way you can fill up fat cells is by a process called re-esterification. In fact, I encourage it. Stop the blender when you have a foamy latte. . But I digress there. But it could also improve metabolic rate in the long term, elevating the effect of fasting or keto (which is already known to do just that). Yak butter tea’s been around for decades in certain parts of Asia. Finally, he added MCT oil to the mix, which really was the missing ingredient to pump up energy levels. Bulletproof coffee under its current name and form was created by entrepreneur Dave Asprey, after going to Tibet in the 2000s and discovering yak butter tea. The argument is whether having plain black coffee with nothing else in it breaks your fast or not. You get bulletproof coffee. That may be true but there’s a way around that that I’ll tell you shortly. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-6626466843770030", It sure does. So, the fact that you are thinking of drinking coffee in the morning or any time for that matter, during your fast means you are not doing a Dry Fast. But coconut oil and MCT oil are not the same things. You’re going to love this. Okay, let’s look at what’s in a bulletproof coffee first of all. Well, there are three big advantages to fasting: Ketosis happens when you restrict carbs intake for long enough. I particularly love this because it means drinking coffee will not ruin a water fast. I know this is always a concern for individuals on the ketogenic diet doing intermittent fasting as part of the ‘package’. So, will drinking bulletproof coffee prevent ketosis? Coffee with added butter and MCT oil is used to give you focus and energy in the morning. Period. Coconut oil is actually one of the only natural sources of MCT. Remember, Dave Asprey who “invented” bulletproof coffee used to drink it and then go for his energy-sapping hikes. I mean coffee is prepared in different ways. But when you drink bulletproof coffee, you actually get some energy, in the form of ketones from the good fat you’re getting. Another well-known side effect of bulletproof coffee is that it will make you feel satiated more quickly, since the fat will immediately be used for energy, telling your body that it doesn’t need more for the time being. So, a sure way to trigger autophagy and get some benefits from it would be to do one meal a day. Well, you utilize a cup or two of bulletproof coffee.