The program tries to frighten the offender into staying away from crime by instilling uncertainty about whether he/she will be imprisoned again. Berenji, B. All rights reserved, Crime Prevention Strategies. Most of these activities include community service where the offender gets to interact with the rest of the society (Gabor, 2011). Ward (1997, p. 4) suggests “situational crime prevention approach may displace crime, tends to benefit middle and upper classes at the expense of the poor people, and may increase the fear of crime. A family-centered approach is emphasized on to ensure that the individual has a good natural support system. In the context of the criminal justice system, crime prevention refers to the efforts that are taken to change the behavior of actual perpetrators once they are identified in order to reduce the likelihood that they will engage in criminal activities in the future. Rehabilitation considers that it is hard for most inmates to abruptly shift from the strict schedule imposed in prison to the responsibility of making their own decisions once released. Research Question (or hypothesis) ‘What are the leading practices in the field of community crime prevention? To begin with, the consumption of illegal drugs is a punishable criminal offense. Here they share material to aid offenders in their search for employment after they are released. NY: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. ’ The topic of this paper discusses community crime prevention. Firstly, the topic of this research report in clearly stated below. PLoS ONE, 9(1), 1-13. These bracelets transmit the location of the offender at any time and they inform the correctional authorities when he/she has moved out of the allowed geographical location (Berenji, 2014). It began by underscoring the importance of the criminal justice system in the harmonious existence and continued success of the society. Mackey and Levan (2012) observe that the offender remains rooted in his/her community where he/she is able to work, stay with his/her family and receive social services. Mohr, G. (2013). A topic that has been mentioned by various authors is the amount of government involvement in community crime prevention. It also touches on the government’s involvement and how it can be improved. Crime rates are continuing to drop and it’s a reason so. The various effects of these strategies are shown throughout the report. The criminal justice system plays a crucial role in crime prevention since known offenders are likely to continue engaging in criminal behavior if no action is taken to control this. Community members prefer to abuse authorities rather than cooperate and help put criminals away (cited in Ward 1997, p. 5). Once an offender has been identified, it is the role of the system to take action to prevent the individual from engaging in criminal activities again. The extreme fear is shown in these extra precautions, “When I come home late at night, I always blow my horn before I get out of the car, so I make sure that a neighbour is looking out. The first step in the program involves increasing supervision of the offender to ensure that he/she does not engage in risky behavior such as gang membership, stealing, or drug use. This, again, clearly shows a lack of communication between authorities and their neighbourhoods. Crime prevention programs are defined as “focused efforts to change, restrict or create a routine practice in a crime prevention setting” (MacKenzie, 2003, p.10). This approach also gives member a responsibility to help maintain a safe living location. The requirements of this methodology are to research and locate a range of reliable secondary resources, applying them to strengthen the argument of crime prevention. The paper has noted that crime prevention programs are aimed at ensuring that crimes are not committed by offenders in the future. Usually the higher and middle class citizens are involved in community project and the lower class citizens are left out. 301 certified writers online. Are You on a Short Deadline? Complaints have been made to the police, however not knowing the severity of the case; no serious action has been taken. The final theme discussed is reducing the fear of crime in citizens. Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. Discussion The main point for discussion in this research paper is that community development is a necessary approach to addressing crime and promoting justice in our nation (Acosta & Chavis 2007, p. 653). Drugs contribute to criminal offenses in a number of ways. Topics included juvenile crime prevention, the fear of crime that has been developing in citizens and the community crime prevention strategies that were being used to reduce and prevent crime within neighbourhoods. This will further increase the fear in residents caused by the occurrence of criminal activity in their neighbourhoods’. It is suggested by Australian Institute of Criminology (2011) that first and foremost the government can help to minimise crime, “Governments can address factors that influence the opportunities for crime to occur through its various responsibilities in areas such as managing public space and building design, providing community recreational services and developing policies that affect local businesses and urban development processes. This makes the lower class citizens inferior and targeted for being the ones who are expected to commit acts of crime. You can choose to either research and discuss a wide range of different community crime prevention strategies, or focus on an example of a particular technique and research its successes, limitations and applications. However, it can be expected that not everyone will choose to follow the set laws out of their own free will. A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil. When I sleep at night, there are at least three lights on. Crime Prevention. It is therefore necessary to impose some system to punish or reform wrong doers. As a result of this fear, rates of crimes are increasing. A key characteristic of any program is that it requires additional resources. By doing so they are reducing the reoccurrence of the themes in crime prevention mentioned above. Conclusion To Crime. These include techniques to reduce juvenile crime; fear of crime between the community members and the social divides that are created by implementing community crime prevention strategies.