14. Point to the posters on the walls of the class. Creating the wordcloud. Make only 1 or 2 rules and be consistent. The best story in each group will be then shared with the whole class and again the best story will be chosen. One of many good reasons for using one song every five or ten minutes in a very young learner class is that you can get their attention and make your unhappiness clear instantly with a touch of the pause button. Be sure to sign up to use this feature. 2! Classroom Vocabulary Library Worksheets: Make a handout with pictures at the top and the vocabulary at the bottom. Egypt Museum Escape. These are not in any particular order, but you will probably want to plan which you will use for minor or first misdemeanors, and which will be kept for making your displeasure very clear indeed. However, lately, I have been considering skipping them. Printable Classroom Game Templates. Take it away Breaking the Mould: a Speaking and Listening Lesson on Success, The Shopping List: a Vocabulary Revision Game, Lesson Plan: “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”. Even in such cases I would prefer to leave their regular teacher to deal with it or to speak to the student quietly in L1 (all my very young learners being too low level to use English), but these things are often not possible when left on my own with large classes and being forbidden to speak L1 or being unable to speak their language due to being recently arrived in the country. Of course I am not teaching an all-day class, & if I were, I would need many more methods at my fingertips. The punishments, or consequences, usually involve withholding something the student enjoys. You can use my own template. Have you ever played Quizlet.live? …) Simple language that is useful for this that you can teach them from storybooks etc includes “Bad boy/ girl”, “I am/ the teacher is angry”, “Stop”, “Don’t” and “naughty”. Examples of more restrictive and inappropriate punishments include sending a student to a solitary time-out room and missing lunch or snack. Making up a funny crime story. Hope you have enjoyed the activities. If the answer is correct, his team scores a point and the game continues in the same way until the time runs out. These engaging ESL classroom games have been specially adapted from famous TV game shows. 4! 3. But, there has to be a sound, mainly, because it’s fun! Their answers will be represented in the form of an attractive wordcloud. COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT. Countdown to trouble (“5! Believe it or not, it is possible to quiet your students and keep them on task with simple nonverbal routines that save your voice and your sanity. Learn how your comment data is processed. Students sit down and began making up their funny crime stories. Punishment in the classroom needs to be implemented with care, and should never be used to single students out or to punish behaviors that … Another important tip I forgot to mention is to keep the punishment as short as possible and then to accept the student or students back into the group and treat them exactly the same as the other students straightaway, with no lingering shred of disapproval and no special treatment that could make the whole experience seem like a reward (especially if they are an attention seeker). See it. If you find it hard to integrate technology into your classes, I run workshops  on the use of online free tools in the language classroom (tool+practical tested ideas+practice designing your own activities- see workshops here). Is it me or do you have the impression that the news is filled with disaster and corruption? Have the group sit in a large circle. I absolutely agree that other things like routines and comprehensible input are more important for classroom management than punishments, and have written about those things in other articles here and elsewhere. The difficulty of keeping control of 3-year-olds who haven’t learnt what working together means yet, or 5-year-olds who have learnt how much fun it is to change the words of every song and the pronunciation of every word, is difficult enough; but many of us teachers of English in kindergartens have to do so without […]. If a captain knows the word, he will need to press the bell and then say the word. Point to a word and ask the class to describe the word using synonyms, definitions or paraphrasing. 4. In groups of 3 or 4, they share their stories and decide on the best story in the group. (Note: This is an active answergarden. 7. I have used feedback tools and also backchannels in my classes in a number of ways to teach English and I like them for several reasons. Without lecturing or punishing, there are ways to indiate desired behavior in a nurturing way. If the answer is incorrect, he won’t be allowed to guess again until the other captain has had a chance at guessing. Required fields are marked *. Very good article on a very difficult area of teaching. Name Never assume your students “know” what appropriate behavior is. Set up your structure so that energy is dissipated before you attempt to do anything requiring intense focus. 8. Just calling out someone’s name gets everyone’s attention right away. Kids Room Escape. It’s much easier to keep order in the class by way of a structured, repetitive format. If the class see this, they usually tend to pay attention…. Stand up Can you also say which ones you find totally unacceptable? This Pass the Ball game is an incredibly fun classroom game that can be used with any lesson and any target language. 0 6,035 0. Hey, don’t go yet! 3! It is not an obvious ESL topic but there still are 92 FREE worksheets available that you might consider using in class.This activity is for upper intermediate students who need to practice modal verbs. You can submit words, but please, only words related to crime What You Can Do With a … …I take this as a sign to do what I can for the students who want to learn and ignore the rest? As with songs, a good reason for having the kids running around having fun is that stopping the activity makes them realise that you are displeased and makes them keen not to miss out on so much fun next time. Come on guys, lighten up. However, would it be true to say that there will always be kids who just refuse to listen? movie name, song name they act out for others to guess. To the next flashcard, next page of the storybook, next instruction on what to colour in etc. Cut a line between words (see picture) but don’t cut them all the way so that the slip of paper doesn’t detach. TPR exercises and floor games are great for that. These can then be taken away- at least until everyone else in the class has one or two, at which point it is usually best to give them a chance to “win” it back.