Chemists of the past worked to discover types of elements, molecules, and the relations between them. Please recommend such colleges/professors. The department offers unique language-focused tracks in which candidates study both chemistry and French, German, or Spanish. All I care in getting A grade and thoroughly understanding from a good teacher. Research-track students must pass doctoral examinations, an oral examination, and compose a dissertation based on original research. The Melbourne University Chemical Society hosts social and educational events open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The Chemistry Library, the Chem Stores, and the Machine Shop provide many of the supplies and services that support the school’s chemistry graduate programs. Graduate candidates may also participate in summer research opportunities, and some obtain permission to take courses outside of the chemistry program for further collaborative opportunities and interdisciplinary learning. The department typically admits 65–70 doctoral and 90–100 master’s students per year, many of whom receive funding. UCL’s reputation for offering one of the best undergraduate chemistry programs makes admission competitive, with only about 140 students accepted each year. This graduate program for chemistry majors features a diverse curriculum that presents the necessary concepts for research-driven careers in chemistry and related fields, including chemical engineering, medicine, energy studies, and biology. Penn’s chemistry department, featuring some of the best chemistry programs available, claims association with seven recipients of the Nobel Prize and 18 members of the National Academy of Sciences. These laboratories include: The achievements of professors and researchers associated with Peking University’s chemistry department are published in 500–600 SCI papers each year. The university maintains 16 colleges, one graduate school, and nine professional schools that serve over 28,000 learners. A research-centered school, USYD boasts several cutting-edge chemistry research facilities, including on-campus laboratories, field stations in remote wilderness areas, and even an island research station called One Tree Island. Another notable professor is Ei-ichi Negishi, who received recognition in 2010 through the Nobel Prize for his work on building complex organic molecules. Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology boasts the distinction of claiming the first American recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Professor Theodore William Richards. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, served as a professor of chemistry at Penn in 1769. Other interdepartmental and research facilities associated with UCLA’s chemistry department include: Check out Some of University of California – Los Angeles’s Other Rankings. Professor Michael Wolf, the head of the chemistry department, is known for his work in sulfur-bridged conjugated oligomers metal nanoparticle-conjugated polymer nanocomposites and biological imaging. In total, SJTU’s chemistry department consists of approximately 280 undergraduate students, 555 graduate students, and 100 professors and instructors. As part of the world-class Bio21 biotechnology initiative, the School of Chemistry recently constructed a new research laboratory known as the Institute of Molecular Science and Biotechnology. Both undergraduate and graduate students can pursue specializations in: EPFL’s chemistry faculty work in various labs across campus, including: Some of the notable faculty research areas include: Dr. Lyndon Emsley heads the institute of chemical sciences and engineering. Annually, the World Economic Forum selects a class of rising-star scientists under the age of 40 from a wide range of fields to connect them with world leaders and help solve major issues. Tokyo Tech has become a leading research center in the Far East and can trace its history to the 1881 Tokyo Vocational School. 32 Duke Professors were listed on Thomson Reuters list of highly cited professors, a number only topped by the schools Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.