The institute offers LLB, BBA LLB, BA LLB, and LLM courses. Theories of consumption and investment, open economy- the concepts, the Mundell- Fleming model, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy. The course aims to provide the basic concepts of business enterprise and the techniques for preparing and presenting the accounts for user of accounting information. Read more, • Top Answer By Meghdeepa Mondal on 23-Nov-2020, Ans. India from independence to liberalization, India since 1980s, macro trends since 1990, Indian agriculture since 1990. The paper deals with the in-depth knowledge of the industrial economics. ���o9fĦ=*�١Sqq�,��SO��B��?����'�PFx��✃[Z��p��.��_rK.��{��n?8E9�jrm�6�g�nM:X���!vp��-���V��zovA��w��sniy�=����7W}�Z����Q�(��axh���-�‡��@���!+���0G��#^�AH�:tm-�'���@Q|2�l�E�ށ2�e2��]�̱�V;\�sXK���ؗ�\̉��O������O$Ekv�1���*/#b�U(��4be�Wf8��x�����}�q��;��nE�n2lfkIvs���M�J�͐i7a舕���.�Ɉ5$ID�r�U�Y��?�@��*�����j�.����2sl��N���[��G0��^�����d����.��Q.�9��OD�tzC"��!b� The institute offers a state-of-the-art Moot Court and a comprehensively designed training regime to provide the students with practical exposure from the start of their courses. It is also the intellectual partner of the Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development (A World Bank Initiative). Students at JLU-SOET are placed in numerous putative corporations with sensible packages. In Madhya Pradesh JLU SOL is one of the best as compared to other private law schools like Career College of Law, Rajeeb Gandhi College, LNCT University, etc. This paper deals with the nature and scope of business strategies and their supporting organizational policies. This paper gives a historical context to the Indian economy. Application download link has been sent on your phone number via SMS, Bachelor in Business Economics [BBE] - Syllabus. Although the number of students for engineering degrees is not much at the institute and the institute is not reputed for its engineering degrees, the placement cell works hard to provide decent placement opportunities to the students. Overview of strategic management, environmental analysis, strategy formulation, analysis and choice, strategy implementation and control, business ethics. The course of Bachelor of Business Economics is designed into a structure which includes core subjects and elective papers. Introduction to operations research, linear programming, transportation and assignment, dynamic programming, theory of games, decision theory and decision analysis, CPM/ PERT analysis, simulation, simple inventory models. Entrepreneurial Skills 2. This paper deals with the basics of econometrics and the advanced methodologies used in econometrics to efficiently analyse data. However, these are only 10 hours a week and limited in number. ["�DCۈ��p�j�;p��C��u��g�ՅB'mu,�~��TNWO�rp��49��N���H�tgD$�e�Z��UD�y��zg �* �47�A�ɫ����\����K6�8�eg��^C���\��o���W�ׯ�Gl8a��������c�/*=4>� �9�"|ov� [��xw��I�]�!8��U��lT�ki0�V��?�OZ|����u���piC��+.F������eP�8�m�ގ�7�zz��Kn>��W���*bE=|���8[��#^hg�$������d��{`g�F=��H�پ�8��پc�:kX�ɵ�����Z6�Ū�����b�H���ʋd@���b�J�!+* v@Wh�8 � M� Most employable graduates from Canadian universities have been ranked by companies around the world in the Global University Employability Ranking 2019 by Times Higher Education. INR 1.3 lakhs McGill has many activities to help students enhance their career prospects, be it local or international students so there are definitely good jobs waiting for their graduates. Fee Structure: This helps students learn the applied statistics for economists. !��l�Ǹ$�v潛�����f��1�%I8�缁*�CV�� �[h�x! Admission is done based on CLAT PG / AILET PG/ JLUET score followed by a personal interview. Sampling and hypothesis testing, classical two variable linear regression model, multiple regression model, other functional forms, dummy variables. Introduction, IS-LM Model, aggregate supply and aggregate demand model, inflation, unemployment and the phillips curve, Economics of Great Events-Depression, Hyperinflation and Deficit, Advances in Business Cycle Theory. The course of Bachelor of Business Economics is designed into a structure which includes core subjects and elective papers. The placement average for the institute was 100% according to last year’s placement. Foundations of advertising, planning and strategy, effective advertising message, effective advertising media, brand management. Course Structure. The LLM course is offered in 3 specializations, i.e. It has achieved 100 percent placements and students get recruited in companies like Taj, Marriott, etc.Read more, COPYRIGHT © 2020 COLLEGEDUNIA WEB PVT. It deals with the concepts like environmental valuation, accounting framework, regulations etc. Consumer behavior becomes an important aspect of the course as it helps students understand and analyse the consumer psyche. bbe syllabus - semester i. Introduction, derivatives in the international finance market, international financial system, factors affecting exchange rates and exposures, payment systems. Computational techniques for business economics. �.��bV�$I� Advertising becomes an important aspect in understanding the business economics. Selection is done either by CLAT/LSAT or the JLUET examination followed by a personal interview. The course aims at teaching the basic concepts related to econometrics. Indian contract act, 1872, negotiable instruments act 1881, companies act 1956, consumer protection act 1986, information technology act 2000. Business legalization is necessary for management. JLU-SOL is a member of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS), associated with the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA), USA. 1 Year Placements: In the last placement drive, the placement average was 100%. First year's core curriculum covers important areas of business like teamwork, leadership, strategic planning and more. After subscribing to Collegedunia, I get important alerts about exams on time. Environmental problems and issues, solutions to environmental problems, analytical tools for environmental planning, sustainable development and environmental accounting, global environmental management. LLB The fee structure of the academic year 2020 for the Law courses is as follows. The required eligibility to seek admission for the BTech CSE degree at the institute is 50% in the 12th Standard Examination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as an obligatory subject from a recognized board. Introduction, investment decision, cost of capital and financial decision, dividend decision. The paper focuses on the aggregate performance of the national income, gross domestic product and related concepts of macroeconomics. Practice Paper section helped me in preparing without coaching. An overview of the syllabus is as follows: Basic concepts, consumer demand, production, cost, markets. 4. information technology for … 3. business communication. INR 95000 Use of office software, use of spreadsheets for data analysis, econometric problem solving, linear programming and mathematical problem solving, data sets. Annual Fees Indian Economy 2. Introduction to business, financial accounting, Final Accounts with Adjustments, Depreciation Accounting, Valuation of Inventories, Fixed Assets Valuation, Introduction to Corporate Accounts, Financial Analysis, introduction to cost concepts for decision making. Introduction, consumer as individual, consumers in social settings, culture and consumer behavior, consumer decision making process.